Week 8

Referee package implementation.

Posted by Tiago Almeida on April 11, 2019

On this week, I started to implement the "referee part" of the architecture. So, I created a package which is called "data_treatment" and its concern is to receive the return of each algorithm and to process that data.

This package is composed by two main nodes- the "subscriber" and the "junction_data". The first one receives the lines detected coordinates and draw them on an image forming a polygn. The second node receives the polygns and merge them in the same image. After that, the intesection region ("road zone") is found, where is applied a convolutional filter allowing to know the probability of each pixel to make part of the road zone. It is important to refer that the zones of each polygn, which doesn's make part of the "road zone" has also a probability, but lower than the probability of the pixels that are on the boundaries of the "road zone".

The video below shows the pipeline of the "data_treatment" package:

The next step is to create an occupancy grid in which each cell corresponds to a probability value.