Week 12

ATLASCAR preparation...

Posted by Tiago Almeida on May 9, 2019

This week, the boxes to protect the cameras were assembled. After that, the camera software and my package were installed on the ATLASCAR computer.

There is a note about the cameras installation on ATLASCAR that seems to be important to clarify: in order to the cameras to work properly in ATLASCAR computer, the option MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) to the port that the camera ethernet cable is connected has to be equal to the packet size in the Flycap application (e.g. 9000).

What is missing in the camera setup?

1) 2 aluminum profiles;

2) Power supply to the cameras because at this moment I'm using the one that belongs to the LIDAR sensors;

3) Hardware questions that has to be discussed in order to find a definitive solution about the cables that have to be connected to the ATLASCAR computer.