Week 1-2

ROS Workshop and Preliminary Report

Posted by Tiago Almeida on March 1, 2019

On these weeks I participated on the ROS Workshop given by the professor Miguel Oliveira, who showed me the importance of this tool on the Industrial world and also in my thesis.

This workshop is all about a game: Team Hunt; in which each participant had to create his own player (software module).

The game is composed by 3 teams, team Red, Green and Blue. Players from team red must hunt players from team green and players from team green must hunt players from team blue. Players may also never leave the arena or they will die.

This workshop was also helpful to start using the GitHub platform and programming on C++ language.

On the second week I also made some initial research about the thesis theme and at the end I wrote the preliminary report. This was a big step on my approach because I started to understand how was going to be the tasks that I would have to complete until the end.